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DAY 1 - Dublin Writing Camp

Dublin Writing Camp 2018 got off to an absolute stormer yesterday with writers teaming up from Dublin Studio Hub, 23rd Precinct Music and Notting Hill Music. The variety of tastes, styles, talents and genres brought together a whole fresh melting pot of creative material.

Windmill Lane Recording Studios provides the ideal setting for the first collaborative writing camp with numerous studios equipped with state of the art gear, ready for artists to write, perform and produce. The multi-storey venue lends itself perfectly for different writing sessions. Dublin Studio Hub head honcho Larry Hogan sorted each studio with a well trained house engineer and had numerous session musicians available should any writers require their assistance.

Studio 1 hosted the amazingly talent Blake Densmore, Fraser Anderson and Rachel Barror. Blake, an unmeasurably talented artist and writer from Georgia, USA teamed up with equally talented Rachel - classically trained pianist and singer/songwriter and Fraser Anderson - singer/songwriter.

Studio 2 saw two 23rd Precinct Music writers (Nina Schofield and Tom Andrews) team up alongside Irish country singer Shane Sullivan. Both Nina and Tom excel in the pop genre and teaming up with predominantly folk/country singer really brought a fresh vibe to the track.

Studio 3 saw Scottish singer/songwriter Mark McGowan write with fellow 23rd writer Morgan Mooney. Ryan Sheridan joined in this session which saw the group tackle a pop ballad with promising results.

The final studio hosted 23rd Precinct writer Ryan Sewell. He teamed up with producer of the moment Reece Pullinger (Notting Hill Music) and also Larry Hogan. The trio came up with a stormer of a track. You'll need to hold on to your hats for this one.

Day 1 was a great start to the two day writing extravaganza. This is about more than just writing tracks. This is about forging new relationships with other creators.

DAY 1 was topped off with a wonderful night of fun at The House, Dublin.

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