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DAY 2 - Dublin Writing Camp

After the enormously successful opening day of the inaugural Dublin Writing Camp, we were all absolutely buzzing to get back into Windmill Lane Studios for Day 2 of the writing extravaganza. Writers were welcomed back to the legendary building once more by the generous and loveable team at Dublin Studio Hub.

Day 2 saw some striking writing partnerships blossom. People were far more relaxed with having spent some quality time together the previous evening. The groups were split to work with new teams today and gosh, those teams brought some top drawer results.

In studio 1, we found a force to be reckoned with; Blake Densmore, Ryan Sewell and Shane Sullivan. They penned a song that would tug at even the toughest of heartstrings. The ethos of the camp was epitomised when the team asked Mark McGowan to visit studio 1 and have a go at the vocals. In this case, it wasn't quite meant to be but the sense of community and teamwork was evident.

Studio 2 welcomed a new writer to camp Ross Breen - a solo artist and songwriter, team with 23rd Precinct Music writers Nina Schofield and Morgan Mooney. Together they wrote probably the catchiest track of the entire weekend.

In studio 3 had another strong group with Les Callard, Tom Andrews and Fraser Anderson. The diverse trio came up with a lovely to listen to ballad. They added some cool production in the afternoon session.

The last studio featured Mark McGowan, Rachel Barror and Reece Pullinger. Another screamer of a track from the London producer, Reece. With a featured vocal from Rachel, this raunchy, suggestive pop track wouldn't be out of place in a Camilla Cabello album.

The second and final day drew to a close. The entire team congregated in studio one to have a listening session. This was a unexpected emotional moment. Particularly for Dublin Studio Hub captain Larry Hogan. The great work from both the writers and the engineering team had produced 8 magical tracks. A true reflection on the talent that had been present throughout the weekend.

In typical fashion, the success was celebrated in true Dublin style. Pints of Guinness.

Thank you Dublin Studio Hub. Thank you Notting Hill. Thank you IMRO.

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