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Family Tree - Kyle Falconer

The follow up to the incredible debut solo single 'Poor Me', Kyle Falconer's honesty in 'Family Tree' is spine tingling and a true credit to this extraordinary artist.

An uptempo, serious sounding intro hits us like kapow. Much like the lead single from the album 'No Thank You', 'Family Tree' is a potent insight into Kyle's turbulent personal life. But like 'Poor Me', Kyle's attitude is that of positivity and change and this is carried through by the music. The alternative folk instrumental accompaniment is one that works like a dream. You can't help but fall in love with this track. It's mixture of happy and sad will undoubtably tap into those emotional bones in your body.

The pint puts me to heaven, the pints puts me in jail,

So i'll stick with the vimto

I'm putting bottles of whisky and vodka behind me,

I'm working on the family tree

The coda at the end of the track where the band drops out and only Kyle and the drums are left to sing in full chorus;'Cause I'm working on me in the family, growing up you see,Putting bottles of whisky and vodka behind me,I'm working on the family tree'A true momentous hand clap moment!You can listen to the latest track here! LISTENING
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