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Kyle Falconer - Lead Solo Record Revealed

23rd Precinct Music writer Kyle Falconer is back with exciting news of a brand spanking new record on the horizon. Kyle revealed the lead single from the album is entitled 'Poor Me'.

His debut solo album announcement came in October 2017 in alignment with a Kyle Falconer Pledge Music campaign. Fans have been able to pledge their allegiance to Kyle through a multitude goodies and exclusive merchandises. Webcam concerts, bespoke KF lighters, signed drum skins, studio meet and greets are just a small selection of the mighty delightful offers made available by Kyle and his team.

'Poor Me' will be the lead single available for downloads, purchasing and streaming Friday 27th April. You can preserve to your Spotify playlists here -

Kyle published earlier this month on social medias

"Album release if so close, I can smell it! It's been a long time coming and an emotional one at that! This album is a piece of me and something I've wanted to let you all hear for a long time. I also want to thank all the fans who have stood by me and helped me through this musical journey and to you all who have pre-ordered... Big announcements on album title, artwork, and release date all coming soon! Thanks for your patience, been perfecting it all for you and can't wait for you to get a listen!! Yeti!!!"

We're so stoaked to have new music coming from one of Scotland's leading writers and musicians! And can't wait for everyone to hear the album in it's entirety!

Mad love to you Kyle.


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