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Mark Sherry Climbs Beatport Chart

Mark Sherry's latest release, a collaboration with Alex M.O.R.P.H climbs Beatport charts, with highest charting to date No.5

Long running 23rd Precinct writer Mark Sherry show's off his trance music prowess with this latest release on German label Vandit Records.

'Magnetar' pipped the likes of other heavyweights Aly & Fila, Above & Beyond and Darude to make it into the top 5. This track is a pulse racer, 136 bpm of pure trance. Magnetar has been a prevalent track in Sherry's live sets which take him all over the globe - North America, Europe and South America just a few spots he's been in recent months.

Flux BPM voted this track a solid 10. Can't get much better than that.

While neither Alex nor Mark need an introduction, you might wonder what Magnetar is - it's a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field. It's also the brand new trance banger of mighty M.O.R.P.H. and Mr Sherry. Expect to hear it on dance floors around the world. - Flux BPM

We're predicting this track to be featured heavily in like minded DJ's sets in the coming months so keep your eyes and ears open.

You can help get 'Magnetar' up the charts and peak at No.1 here! Download, download, download!

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