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'Nothing To Hide' - Ben Macklin & Emma Brammer

Hit penned by 23rd's Ben Macklin and Emma Brammer for Chinese pop singer, songwriter and actress, Bibi Zhou has successful first month accumulating >40,000 Spotify plays.

Ben Macklin's deep house and electronic prowess is showcased in new Chinese songstress's release 'Nothing To Hide'. Releases in both English and Chinese have hit the masses. Delicate synthesisers are accompanied by real smooth guitar riffs and an R&B bass line. Zhou's voice is the perfect compliment to a ultimate chilled vibe oozing from Brammer and Macklin's cowrite.

Bibi Zhou is a well respected artist in Asia with 9 studio albums to her name. In addition, she's have numerous credits in films and has been nominated for a plethora of awards. We're honoured and so proud to have our writers Ben Macklin and Emma Brammer's song 'Nothing To Hide' represented by Bibi. As a team at 23rd Precinct Music, we revel in the importance of opening up our writer's to opportunities across the globe. Alongside our partners Notting Hill Music, we work extensively in the territory of South East Asia and work tirelessly to bring new and unique briefs to our writers.

You can listen and stream both English and Chinese versions of the track 'Nothing To Hide' here;

牡蠣 -

Nothing To Hide -

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