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The Nickajack Men Smash London

Denny boys The Nickajack Men take Koko and Surya by storm with two successful London shows to kick off 2018.

Jamie, Lewis, Matthew, Mikey and Lewis brought their infamous Americana sounds and wild stage performance to Camden, Koko on Thursday 18th January. The first Notting Hill Networking night of 2018 was a screamer and The Nickajack Men certainly cemented themselves as the stand out of the night. With 20 mins to captivate the audience they did so from the get go with their 2017 lead single 'Running'. Lewis's powerful voice struck a chord from the first note.

The Nickajack Men threw in a couple fresh new tracks to this short but powerful set. The setlist come to a roaring finish with 'When The Winter Comes'. A slow burner but superlatively climatic with the emotion pouring out all over the stage. Jamie threw his bass 10ft in the air in a ferocious finish where it clattered lead singer Lewis who had collapsed to the floor. A true spectacle.

2018 is going to be a massive year for The Nickajack Men, hold onto your hats.

Check out the latest single 'Can't Take It Anymore' here.

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